Bear Grylls biography: 5 best facts you must know about him.

Bear Grylls biography

Doesn’t matter if situations are opposite to you.Face them with acumen and discretion.You can find a solution of every problem.From his adventures, problematic and thrilling lifestyle.Here we bring you Bear Grylls biography ..One of the most popular persons in television.His fan following is all over the world.

So let us look at his life and adventure.

1-About  his personal life

Bear Grylls biography

  • Bear Grylls full name is Edward Michael Grylls .He is  born in Donaghadhee,Northern Ireland on 7th June 1974.
  • His father name is Sir Michael Grylls and mother name is Sarah Grylls. He also has a sister and she is the one who gave him the name Bear.He speaks English,Spanish and French.
  • Bear grylls is fond of adventure from his childhood.He learnt Mountain climbing and skydiving.As he grew,he also learnt Karate and got Black belt.
  • Talking about his education,he started his studies from Eaten house school.
  • He also studied in University of west of England and University of London.
  • After completing his studies.Bear Grylls also came to India.Here he went to West Bengal and Sikkim .He was also affected by Indian Army. At that particular time he wanted to join the India Army.
  • Moving forward he completed his dream of joining army.In 1994,he joined the SAS wing of British army.He also became the survival instructor of that wing.
  • In 2000 Bear Grylls married Shara Cannings Knight . They have 3 sons.
Bear Grylls biography

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2-His famous journeys.

Bear Grylls biography

Bear Grylls faced many problems in his life .On 1997 when he was parachuting.His parachute did not opened.So he fell down which bruised himself.His 3 vertebrae were broken.

But as we all know,Bear Grylls loved to face challenges.After 18 months due to his will power he recovered very quickly .On 16th May 1998,Bear Grylls became the youngest Britian to climb Mount Everest at a age of 23 only.Climbing Mount Everest was his  childhood dream.                                                                        

The youngest to climb Mount Everest is Rob Gaunett ( at only 19).

Bear Grylls also became the youngest Briton to climb Ama Dablam.The interesting fact about this record is that Sir Edmund Hillary said this peak as “unclimbable”.

As his life moved forward,his friend lost his legs in a climbing accident.To collect funds he crossed the river Thames in the bathtub without clothing.This shows that Bear Grylls is  a selfless person.

After some years,Bear Grylls crossed the north Atlantic ocean.Thy had a team of 5 members.As they moved forward they also also faced force 8 gale winds.                                                                                                             

Later in 2005,David Hempleman Adams, Alan Veal,Bear Grylls and the ballonist  did a dinner party in hot air balloon  at 25,000 ft.For this he also created a world record for highest dinner party.

In 2007,he paramotored over the Himalayas near Mount Everest.

In 2008,he started collecting funds for children’s charity Global Angles.In which he led a team of four members.To climb the most unclimbed peaks in the world which was in Antartica.

Their team members were having  a definitive plans. But these plans were cancelled as Bear Grylls suffered a broken shoulder while kite skiing.                                                                                                                       

In 2008,Bear Grylls, Hodgson and MacDonald setted a Guiness world record.The record is for  longest continous indoor freefall. They used a vertical wind tunnel to do it.Again this thing was for charity .

In 2010,Bear Grylls raised awareness of the effects of Global warming

He with his five members took an ice -breaking inflatable boat through 2500 miles.He did this for collecting money for children’s charity global angles.

Bear Grylls biography

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3-Bear gryll books

Bear Grylls biography

Most probably people don’t know that he is a writer too.He has written many books.

Grylls in his first book Facing up/ The kid who climbed Everest. Tells about his achievements and problems.that he faced while climbing Mount Everest.

His second book is facing the frozen ocean.His third book is Born survivor.

He also wrote Bear grylls Outdoor adventures where he gave a complete guide to outdoor pursuits.

Bear Grylls biography

After couple of years,

Bear grylls released his autobiography in 2012.Mud,Sweat and tears:The autobiography.

Above all bear grylls is also fond of writing  novels .

He has written Will Jaeger: Ghost flight and Burning angles which includes a thrilling story.

Bear grylls also wrote Mission survival:Gold of gods.Mission survival:Way of wolf.Mission survival:Sands of scorpion.Mission survival:Claws of the Crocodile and Mission survival:Tracks of the tiger.

Bear Grylls biography

4-His television life

Bear Grylls biography

Bear grylls started his television life with an advertisement for Sure deodrant.

Friday Night featured by Jonathan Ross invited him as a guest

After that he came in Escape to the legion series.In which he did a training in Sahara desert. Followed by his 11 members.

After some time he joined a show.Which made him popular all across the world.The name of the show is Man vs Wild.

This show broadcasted in India,United states of America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

This show showed  to survive in dangerous situations.This show also showed his parachuting,helicopter, paragliding and ice climbing skills.

After watching his popularity he was offered many shows.These shows were Worst case scenario,Bear’s wild weekend.Get out alive .Escape of hell and Running wild with Bear Grylls.

Apart from this,he is also a motivational speaker .He gives speeches in school,churches etc.

Bear Grylls biography


The main success mantra of great leaders.

  • They create compelling exciting story 
  • No one is born leader.
  • Therefore people like Bear grylls never get a thought of loosing.
  • This makes them unique and powerful.
  • Most importantly their mindset is completely different from normal people.
  • They do what they think.Which is a great thing.
  • Their mental level is so strong.They train their mind continously .
  • Probably that’s the main reason they are so successful in their life.

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