What is Echolocation | Echolocation in humans and animals

Nowadays blind people can use Echolocation to feel things around them.Human body has a very special thing.Not everyone is blessed to have eyes from their birth.We watch everything that’s going around us.We capture every moment in life because of our eyes. 

What is Echolocation | Echolocation in humans and animals

But the question arises. If we do not have eyes so ?
If we want to navigate what will be the possible way?
For eg :- A bat flies very easily in dark .He is hidden inside a dark cave and after that he flies and hunts also.
So how is he navigating?
Or we talk about the depth of water in oceans,where there is no light,so how wales hunt.
So here comes a word called Echolocation.

What is Ecolocation.

Echolocation is the ability to sense or feel an object by a sound wave in the environment. Many animals use echolocation. But as we move forward,many discoveries happened. Blind people are also using echolocation nowadays.

How does Echolocation works.

The basic concept behind is very simple. A animal sends a sound wave which is of very high frequency.A frequency which cannot be heard by humans.The moment the animal sends a sound wave and hits an object.It immediately bounces back the same wave to the animal.Animals have a very special things that allows them to receive and feel that sound wave.As soon as the sound comes back an animal can easily identify the characteristic of the object that is in front of him.
ie- size, shape and length.

Echolocation facts

The most important thing here is the timing.Wait let me go little behind,When we were very small . We watched that first comes the lightning and then comes the sound in a rainy day.
That’s only because of the time.As light travels faster than sound.and that’s the main thing here.

If a sound wave takes a long time to come back it means the object is far away from the animal.The shorter the wave takes the time the closer is the object.

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Does echolocation happens in all animals.

No,it isin’t only few animals have the power of echolocate .They have a very special power.Some animals are Bats ,Dolphins and whales.

Bat echolocation.

Bat echolocation.

Bats are one of the most gifted creatures.Bats also navigate through echolocation. In dark places Bats are in search of their food.Similarly,the animals produce a sound wave which humans are not able to hear .The range of frequency which humans hear is 20 to 20,000 Hz. While the bats produce a frequency of 14,000 to 100,000 Hz.

Bats also have a very special thing .They have a very acute inner structure.From which they feel a particular frequency.

What sound the bats make?

As of now,you would have read that bat uses echolocation to find their food.Bat makes sound which are higher than the human frequency could actually hear.Bats sounds are very difficult to hear by a human outside.These sounds can only be heard inside an insulated room.They generally sounds in night or in morning.They have a wing and when they flutter them noise can be listened.Their wings are very beneficial to them which are allowing them to crawl or move.

How does Whales and Dolphins Echolocate.

Whales and Dolphins echolocation

Apart from bats ,Whales and Dolphins also Echoloacte. Whales are using echolocation to navigate and watch the other creatures at a larger distance.Sound waves travel a very long distance in water.Here echolocation is the same thing which bats are using.Dolphins and Whales use a special method called SONAR.

Toothed whales and ballen whales use echolocation quiet differently.Toothed wales use this to navigate and hunt while ballen whales use echolocation for communicating only.

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Echolocation in humans|How to learn echolocation Wikihow|

The Physics of Echolocation is very simple and easy to understand.Its similar to vision in lot of ways.
It is basically the acoustic energy instead of light energy. Here the energy is coming out from an individual.There is just a basic difference between an animal and a human.Animals are producing a sound as they are gifted to it .Whereas humans are making sound from tongue.The sound which is produced bounces off everything in the environment and all surfaces everywhere and comes back to the person .

Echolocation blind boy|Echolocation technology and sonar|

what is echolocation

For understanding more about this ,let us go through the golden words of Daniel Kish. It will motivate all the people who want to feel this beautiful world.

A young boy called Daniel Kish is blind when he was very young. President of WORLD ACCESS FOR THE BLIND is Daniel kish.Vocal clicks are generated in his own method. From which he  feels the things around him.
Kish said “You could fill libraries with what we know about the human visual system”But what we know about human echolocation could barely fill a bookshelf.

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Echolocation doesn’t mean that a person will Definately see everything.But he can feel the things around him through a vocal noise made by him.
We hope this technology in humans be very successful in coming future.As people who do not have eyes could feel and live with freedom in this beautiful world. As this world gives oppourtunities to all people.So new technologies are giving the blind people oppurtunity to live their life in such a way that they feel no more less than normal human being.

What is Hyperloop?How does it work | The future transportation of world

Hyperloop Technologies can change the world. Here’s something different you must know to travel super fast.

what is hyperloop

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is the 5th mode of transport.It is a high-speed transport system in which passenger sit in a pressurized capsule that rides on a cushion of air.In this passengers will travel at 1200 kms per sec in floating pods.

How hyperloop works?

It has a tube track design. It operates like the vacuum tubes at old mailroom system. A type of train that travels in a tube.Its maximum speed will be 1200 km per hour. Which is faster than a commercial jet plane. Elon Musk proposed this concept in 2012. Different companies are working on it. The concept is very simple that we will have a very long tube.

Hyperloop train technology

What is Hyperloop and how does it work

If a person has to go from one place to another from that distance many pillars are constructed .That long tube will get support from the pillars and the train will travel inside the tube. It is not a  train that it will consist of many pods connected to it but it will have a single part only. The concept is very simple. Hyperloop is about linear motor. Motor has two parts Stator and Rotor. The Stator will be in a track.Travelling pod is connected by a Rotor. So if power supply is open and the pod gets motion so it gets travel and after sometime it will travel very quickly.

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How Hyperloop will change the world?

It’s an idea that will change the way of travel from one place to another within a short period of time. So here are the three ways in which Hyperloop will change the world.

1-Affordable:- A type of transportation which is done in a very low cost relative to other forms of transport. It is a brilliant idea to kick off the other transport that consumes a lot of time.

2-People may work in any City:With the brilliant ability to travel many kilometres in minutes. people may choose to work in any City. Since they will be able to reach the home very quickly. So the consumption of distance and time will be faded away

3- Safest way of transportation:- The Hyperloop will be fully driverless.So there’s no chance of human error which can cause an accident, so it neglects the chances of a tired driver causing a collision.

Where is the hyperloop test track located?

Basically there are two test tracks. Virgin Hyperloop test track is located in desert north of Los Vegas .Elon mask track is outside space X headquarters in California. So Hyperloop is in its initial stages and we hope that Hyperloop Technology will change the world very quickly.

Hyperloop train vs bullet train

Talking about Hyperloop VS  bullet train basically both are completely different thing.

1-SPEED:- The top speed ever achieved by a bullet train was 500 km per hour by Shanghai maglev train in China. While Hyperloop one in its testing phase reaching a top speed of 387 km per hour.The final speed is expected to reach upto 1000 km per hour.

2- Technology:Bullet trains use magnetic glide to move themselves to high speed.While Hyperloop uses magnetic glide and vacuum tube to imitate high altitude travel which ultimately reduces drag.

3-Availability:- Bullet trains are running in many developed countries. In India operations are expected to start by 2023. Hyperloop one is still in its testing phase.It might be available in India in in next 5 to 7 years.

4-Pricing:- With high speed and advanced technology the cost of Hyperloop will be lower than the bullet trains

5- Route:In India the bullet train by Shinkansen will run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.The travel time will be reduced from 8 hours to 2 hours while the Hyperloop one will be built between Mumbai and Pune which will reduce the travel time from 3 hours to just 25 minutes.

Hyperloop technology:-

This technology is something faster than all other transport. People who want to travel from one place to another very quickly. Here’s a good news for all of you .

With this technology coming in near future you can travel from one place to another place in minutes. To travel a long distance a  lot of time is saved. And I can assure you people will negotiate the myth about the relationship between time and distance.

Hyperloop transportation Toulouse:-

Toulouse is  a city of innovation.It is a home of academic researchers and industry professionals.The ecosystem allows  to recruit engineers extremely easily because there is high quality of life and great infrastructure. Toulouse is a gathering place for smart ground transportation.

The region around them is ideal for big projects like Hyperloop. It is one of those projects for people who work in the world of innovation and that’s really inspiring. The system will guarantee Ultra high performance flexibility and service quality. Hyperloop could be a fantastic driver of growth for Toulouse and for the region as a whole.

Hyperloop transportations Technologies

The structure combines of a innovative technology .With an innovative organisation with the collaborative platform and a business model which is itself usually innovative.

Importance of Hyperloop transportation Technologies

Having something like this transportation Technology is something very positive collaboration.With interconnections to identify regarding the different development.We can easily imagine a long distance transport in Hyperloop combined with last-mile applications. We are talking about a future in 1  to 5 years not in 10 years.The future is now.