Cricket match fixing


Once in one or two years a name called Cricket match fixing arises.

Cricket match fixing

But the question arises does cricket match fixing happens in International cricket or not ? . Recenty,Dave Richardson ICC CEO the former South African cricketer, admitted that there is a fight going between cricket and fixing.
He said that investigation will definitely happen.

Three matches were fixed as shown by al jazeera sting operation

First match:-

India vs Srilanka.

Second match:-

India vs Australia

Third match:-

India vs England

The sting operation also showed no indian player is indulged in this activity.The sting operation showed that there were three England players and two Australian players included in it.

The bookies clearly stated that we don’t contact Indian players.But let’s go little back. In 2013 Sreesanth was included in fixing Saga.And lords test match which included Pakistani players.


In 2000,Cricket match fixing was in another level.Four Indian players were banned in match fixing.The four players were “Mohammad Azharuddin”,”Ajay Sharma”,”Ajay Jadeja” and “Manoj Prabhakar”.

Cricket match fixing

Mohammad Azharuddin and Ajay Sharma were handed life ban while Ajay Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar were handed 5 years Ban from ICC. In late 80s and 90s generally people used to say that cricket in Sharjah was fixed.But no one believed. Later on Dawood Ibrahim pictures were viral watching the cricket at Sharjah.

Kapil Dev once told that a player would everyday to our dressing room and give us gifts but we thought he is a smuggler.So one day I scolded him and afterwards I got to know that he was Dawood Ibrahim.

Manoj prabhakar incident!

Then in 90s Manoj Prabhakar wrote a story in Outlook magazine. One Indian player came to his room to offer him 25 lakhs to underperform.He was told to underperform against Sri Lanka.Later on when India went to West Indies tour Madan Lal was the head coach and Sachin Tendulkar was the captain. So in that tour a story was done by “The magazine”.

The magazine journalist founded a bookie, and he made him his friend. The bookie told that he only needed information about the weather,pitch and the probable 11. That bookie also suggested that if you can fix my meeting with an Indian player I will give you a flat in Delhi where ever you want.

Then after that a lot of rumours came in cricket match fixing but there was no proof of fixing.In March 2000,series between India South Africa and Pakistan was played in Sharjah. The captain of South Africa was Hansi cronje

In that time when people use to go to Sharjah to watch cricket you will not believe that every Taxi Driver knew the result that what is going to happen in today’s match. South Africa won that tournament.

The day they won the trophy that night they had to go to Johannesburg from Dubai. After the series Delhi Police was tapping a phone,after tapping so much phones Hancy cronje  name arrised im fixing.

After 2 days Hansi cronje revealed that he had fixed the match,after that this case was given to CBI.Then Manoj Prabhakar again came to the story and said earlier I also revealed that someone tried to fix a match with me but no one believed.

Then he stated that I will definitely give the name of that person but only in front of CBI. I S Bindra who was Punjab Cricket Association chief. At that time I S Bindra was in America. He went to CNN International and gave an interview and said really bad about Indian cricket.

He also stated that Manoj Prabhakar is revealing the name of the person who is the Michael Jordan of Indian cricket and that person is “Kapil Dev”.

Cricket match fixing

Why did Kapil dev cried?

Incidently at that time Kapil Dev was the head coach of Indian cricket team.On that day in evening Manoj Prabhakar visited CBI.

Manoj Prabhakar interview was taken by Anirudh pal.He  asked to reveal the name of the person who was giving him 25 lakh rupees to underperform in that series.

Manoj Prabhakar said that I know it,my god knows it and the player that offered me 25 lakh rupees he knows it. And that person is Kapil Dev.

Next day Kapil Dev gave an interview in Taj Mansingh Hotel at 5:30 p.m. For that interview all the international media came. There was a room ( Press Conference Hall ) where kapil dev was sitting in his blue jersey of India. In the corner of the room Kapil Dev wife and madan lal were sitting. Kapil Dev was in anger. He stated that I played 17 years for Indian cricket team and you are believing in third party.

This conference took place for 15 to 20 minutes. After someday Kapil Dev had to go for the interview with Karan Thapar in hard talks.In that interview he wore his famous blue shirt and he cried for minutes and minutes.

And again he said I played 17 years for Indian cricket and you are still believing in third party talks. After so many things happened people started believing that this case cannot be buried down. At that time Atal Bihari Bajpai was the Prime Minister and the case was handed to CBI.

There were many raids done by CBI in Ajay Jadeja house and Kapil Dev house.After 2 to 3 momths people started saying that why kapil dev is the head coach of Indian cricket team.After sometime CBI gave a clean sheet to Kapil Dev.

On one day Kapil Dev was playing golf in Delhi Golf Club. He instantly said he is not mentally fit to coach  Indian cricket team .In December 2000 CBI gave verdict to BCCI . After some time BCCI banned 4 players.  “Mohammad Azharuddin” and “Ajay Sharma” for life “Manoj Prabhakar” and “Ajay Jadeja” for 5 years.

These things took cricket by storm. People were believing that slowly slowly it will end. But cricket offers a lot of money and things like fixing come again and again.


Cricket match fixing is something which will never end.The ICC has to take some bold steps.Many people are living freely and not getting caught. They are enjoying themselves after doing such activity.

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